Sunday services  

Series: The miracles of Jesus

24th April   Feeding thousands from barely nothing

   1st May    Do miracles still happen today?  

  8th May    Raising the dead to life

 15th May    Turning water into wine

22nd May   Healing the sick - a healing service (an opportunity to join us for prayer for healing)

29th May @ 3pm Songs of Praise with the North Walsham Salvation Army                                      Community Band - see our special events page

Series: The Trinity...what is it all about?  Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  5th June  Who is the Holy Spirit? 

12th June  Who is Jesus? 

19th June  Who is God the Father? (Father's Day)   With special gifts for all the men - a celebration of fathers and fatherhood!

Series: 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 16 - 18

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in everything

26th June Rejoice always

   3rd July Pray continually

 10th July Give thanks in everything